Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to Get a Quick and Easy Divorce

Quick and Easy Divorce

If you think that your marriage is over and there is no point dragging a dead marriage then divorce is the only way out of it. With the provision of different types of divorce that can be obtained in the court of law, you can choose to get a quick and easy divorce. In order to get a quick divorce you can either apply for a no fault divorce or an uncontested divorce. A no fault divorce is filed when both the divorcing parties are not able to live with each other. In a no fault divorce, none of the divorcing parties are at fault. You may not need a divorce attorney if you are filling for a no fault divorce and are in talking terms with your spouse. All you need to do is to file the divorce papers. One thing you need to remember before filing the divorce papers is to chart out a settlement agreement that caters the needs of both the spouses. If you have any children in the marriage  then you also need to draft a child custody and support plan. Once the divorce papers are filed you need to present the settlement and child support documents to the court. Consulting a divorce attorney for divorce tips can prove to be a good idea.

Another way of getting a quick divorce is uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce both the divorcing parties come on a common settlement agreement  about distribution of marital properties and other financial assets. If you have children in the marriage then child custody as well as support plan need to be drafted and presented to the court . You need to explain to the court that  you have taken the best step for the children's future and provide the court with the child plan. If the court finds the settlement agreement and children plan satisfactory then a divorce is granted.

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